2018 Numbers are in for NW Central Panama City! Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season.

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Hurricane Michael struck Bay County on October 10, 2018.  The center of this major hurricane crossed Tyndall Air Force Base in the eastern portion of the county. The storm caused major damage to the Panama City, Lynn Haven, Tyndall Air Force Base, and Mexico Beach areas in eastern Bay County. Many buildings were destroyed or damaged. The vast majority of damage is east of St. Andrews Bay.

The economic impact of Hurricane Michael on Panama City and Bay County is, as of the date of this reporting, is uncertain. Many residents and businesses in the eastern portion of the county have been displaced. 

Since the storm, many residents have moved to Panama City Beach and areas to the west seeking shelter while their homes are being rebuilt. The supply of residences and/or condos for rent has diminished greatly since the hurricane. Businesses have been relocating to the beaches area. Most anticipate an extended period to rebuild buildings lost to the storm.

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