5-Year Analysis on Destin Beach Condos. It is What it Is.

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Destin is a typical beach resort community located along the Gulf of Mexico. The area features a variety of improvements in the middle-to-upper price range. Many owners rent their homes in order to defray a portion of the cost of ownership. 

Major employment influences are beach resort and tourism related businesses, some military, real estate, and construction. The tourism industry has two key elements: 1. Acquisition of residential units for rental, long term investment or seasonal use by non-resident owners. 2. The high number of visitors to the tri-county area, which includes: vacations, weekend getaways, visits to friends & relatives, business and social functions, and real estate inquires.


The area offers excellent amenities including shopping, restaurants, and watersports such as boating, fishing, surfing, etc.  The area is known for its beautiful green/blue water and white sandy beaches.  Many owner rent their homes in order to defray a portion of the cost of ownership.  Neighborhood amenities are both adequate and convenient.


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