Kings Point & Northshore – Hold On!

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I actually started my career in Bay County many years ago. I’m in Bay County about twice per week. Historically Kings Point is a desirable area. Large lots and older well maintained homes with varying designs you rarely see today.  Many are located along canals. Close to center of town. Affordable water front too. Something ...

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Rosemary Beach. Apocalyptic?

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I’m concerned about the staggering rates of increase in Rosemary Beach. By example, a recent $10,000,000 sale on the beach. Do you know what you can get for $10,000,000 on Planet Earth? Rosemary Beach: One 15 year old property sold for $7,333,400 in 2011. It sold gain for $10,250,000 in 2016. A 40% increase in ...

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