Architecture - Real EstateThe cost of an appraisal is based on the scope of work involved. It is not based on how much your property is worth.

Once we determine the scope of work involved, we will quote you a fee.

For residential assignments a $450 fee is customary and reasonable for a full appraisal.

For commercial fees start at $1,000.

For light industrial fees start at $800.

Some assignments involved much more time and scope. These fees will be higher.

Mr. Mims litigation fee is $200 per hour. There is a 3-hour minimum.

Mr. Mims is actively working on earning his State Certified General certification. Mr. Mims has met all the education requirements except two classes. He has met the Florida general state certified experience component requirements. Mr. Mims has his commercial reports reviewed by a local state certified general appraiser who holds an MAI Designation.

Coverage Areas:

Northwest Florida and Central Florida