Scope of Work – She Do, I Do, We Do. Who Do What?

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Last year at a Christmas party, one of our neighbors tried to give me a potential client. I told her to go tell Jennifer. Jennifer told her to tell me. Our neighbor was understandably confused. Our bad. DOH!

Here’s how Jennifer and I work as a Team:

Residential Sales – Jennifer
Property Management – Jennifer
Finance / Banking – Jennifer
Commercial Sales – Bob
Appraisals – Bob
Feasibility Studies – Bob
Highest & Best Use Studies – Bob
Consulting – Both
Research and Analysis – Both
Interpretation & Conclusions – Both

Jennifer Cell – 850-685-9898
Bob Cell – 850-685-4087

Naturally, we jump in and help one another for You. To ensure You are 100% satisfied. Call either of us if you have any questions. Thanks!

BBQ (Bob’s Blog Quote!):


BLT (Bob’s Linkable Tune!) : I Can’t Explain by The Who